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Wat are the questions i need to ask in KT session for websphere ??

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Wat are the questions i need to ask in KT session for websphere ??

 KT session is regarding Websphere and i will be under the admin support like deployment, configuring clusters, etc..

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Re: Wat are the questions i need to ask in KT session for websphere ??

General questions:

- What is the standard procedure to stop/start the service? Is it just a single service or multiple components? If multiple components, do they need to be started/stopped in a specific order? What needs to be done if the service components are started/stopped in a wrong order, or one of the components hangs or crashes?

- What are common tasks you would be expected to perform?

- Are there any non-automated regular maintenance tasks (e.g. trimming of the log files, or running a special end-of-week/end-of-month/end-of-year procedure when required)?

- Are there any known problems? ("Oh, component X will hang if it's been running more than about 10 days, so it should be restarted weekly at some time that is most convenient for the users")

- Is this system connected to other systems: databases, Active Directory/LDAP, anything else? How to verify and troubleshoot those connections if necessary? Who is responsible to those other systems, an what to do if they seem to be not responding?

IBM WebSphere is actually a fairly extensive range of products: see

If you're talking about just the WebSphere Application Server, then that is "just" another variety of an J2EE server platform, and an IBM HTTP server seems to be basically Apache with a custom management web UI. For those, any questions that you might want to ask for a generic J2EE or HTTP server will probably be applicable. I'm not familiar with any other IBM WebSphere products, so I cannot suggest anything specific about them.