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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

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Web Server selection on hpux

Dear Sirs;

I have been asked to recommend best web server between the iPlanet (SunOne) and HP Apache 2.x.

It would be for big enterprise solutions probably more than 10 million hits per day.

Appreciate any suggestion.

Mel Burslan
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

It is a matter of taste more than anything else. Apache runs pretty much anything big or small over the world-wide-web but as it is an opensource product, your support is mainly what you can manage to find on your own unless you have a special support agreement from HP.

sun-one (formerly known as iplanet) is a commercial web server for which you pay thru the nose for licensing but they provide support in case you are in trouble, contactually.

But in my opinion, Apache is mature enough for undertaking a big assignment like you are thinking of. Apache runs websites like where daily hits are in the order of millions I believe.

Take your pick...
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

HP Apache is the best webserver available today on HP-UX Platform. HP has done paltform specific changes in Apache 2.x and offers support too.

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Joseph Loo
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux


SunOne -> have to pay but get support

Apache -> free and widely used, if u know how to troubleshoot and find answers to your problem (if any), (paid) support is not necessary.

both will be able to take care of the 10 million hits per day. personally, i will go for Apache.

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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

hi shiv,

I had recently downloaded a report from KeyLabs who claims to be the Number one source for Hardware, Software, e-Commerce and Internet

Found at the following site:

hope this helps!

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Ivajlo Yanakiev
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

Yes Apache is leader.
I want ot add only that if you going to make
enterprise solutions you need not only software (apache) but
hardware -cluster and clear idea of networking - load balance.
If you have 10 million hits per day probably you do not need downtime !
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

HP's version of apache is very solid and can be integrated with Serviceguard for high availability.

You can make it do almost anything you need.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

The apache web server should be your first choice.

more info:

Hope this helps!

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Raj D.
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

Hi Shiv,

The HP-UX Web Server Suite is a free product that can be downloaded for HP-UX platform and includes key software products necessary to deploy, manage, and implement mission critical web servers. The suite is comprised of:
HP-UX Apache-based Web Server
HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine
HP-UX XML Web Server Tools
HP-UX Webmin-based Admin .

Yoou may have a look at the link:


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Alessandro Pilati
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Re: Web Server selection on hpux

if can be useful for you, this is a link of migrating from iPlanet to Apache where there are informations for both products:

Here an Iplanet benchmark:

Here read opinions about iPlanet, Apache and IIS:

I ever worked with Apache (with an average of 2 million hits per day) and I think your need may match the Apache services, considering it manage faultlessy millions hits per day.
I don't know very well Iplanet, but I know Apache enough to give you the advice to use it.

Hope this helps,
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