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Whare can X11R6 be found?

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Whare can X11R6 be found?

I've recovered nearly all of a crashed Tru64 V4.0E AlphaServer, but I'm missing something. After a fresh install of the operating system, I am missing a directory that one of the applications that was working before the crash cannot find. It's looking for a file in /usr/lib/X11R6/app-defaults, but the reinstall shows only /usr/lib/X11/... i.e., no "R6" on the directory name. Is this, perhaps an add-on that we might have had but no longer do, or could it have been something the sysadmin at the time might have installed and not told anyone? I don't know where to look. The documentation says that the X window parts are already R6-compatible.
Rick Retterer
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Re: Whare can X11R6 be found?

If you had a directory /usr/lib/X11/X11R6/app-defaults, it must have been put there by a user or an administrator manually or an application installation that required that particular directory structure.

The default installation of Decwindows/CDE does not create any "X11R6" directories that I'm aware of. I've checked several of my lab systems and I do not find that directory created on any of them.

What I do have is /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults
Inside of that directory is all of the X11 application's default system-wide resource files.

/usr/bin/X11 - contains all of the binary executables for Decwindows.

/var/X11 contains the configuration and startup scripts for Decwindows Xserver.

The CDE files are located in these directories:

/var/dt - XConfig files, the error logs and such
/usr/dt/bin - Binary files for the CDE environment
/usr/dt/config - Global Default Configuration files used for CDE
/etc/dt/config - System-specific configuration files for CDE

You can get more details about the directories and what is contained in them by accessing the following web URLs:

CDE Advanced System Administrator's Guide:

X Windows System Administrator's Guide:

CDE Companion Guide:

Complete list of all of the on-line documentation for Tru64 Unix 5.1b.

It's my intention to provide you with the information you will need to verify your installation of Tru64 Unix X Windows/Decwindows and CDE is correct.

Rick Retterer

- Rick Retterer

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Re: Whare can X11R6 be found?

Thanks. I figured it wasn't standard. I'll keep looking.