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What do you monitor for an HP-UX 11.x system's health

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What do you monitor for an HP-UX 11.x system's health

I have a 3rd party monitoring systems, which is on its way out and the replacement is not determined yet. Hence the inquiry here. Neither the old monitoring system is OV nor the new one will be. Too expensive for our budget. Not only for implementationbut also ongoing management.

Getting this out of the way, I am seeking information on what to look for when monitoring the system health (H/W and OS wise both) by a 3rd party software ? The basics will be covered by the monitring system. Such as CPU Utilization above threshold, disk full percentage is too high, syslogd not running etc. What I am after is more esoteric commands which will give you an alert when something goes wrong and it can be executed remotely. One comes to mind is

ioscan -fn|grep NO_HW|wc -l

If the output of this command is greater than 0, it means we are missing some devices, which were existent in the prior run of the command, say 10 minutes ago.


In the light of this example, can you tell me what other things I can check ? Like any processes which is not trivial (eg. syslogd is the trivial one) but if it goes missing, it can make the system unstable or worse, inoperable

Also I remember from the past that, there were magic strings to feed the cstm command one way or another, which returned status of hardware components. If you have any such commands that I can run from the command line, that would be a great enhancement.