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What is cimserver?

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Tim Medford
Valued Contributor

What is cimserver?

I have a integrity VM guest on 11.23 that is somewhat constrained on memory. The cimserver process is consuming 147M of memory. I'd like to shut it down if possible.

I've searched around a bit and cannot find anything that describes exactly what this process does.

Is this only needed if you are doing remote web based administration?

Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: What is cimserver?

Yes, cimserver is a daemon for HP WBEM Services.

Stop it by /sbin/init.d/cim_server stop

And I think you have to comment out of inittab:


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Court Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: What is cimserver?

# cimserver -s

will stop the daemon from restarting at the next boot.
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Re: What is cimserver?


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