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Which PSP for DL380R1 and RHEL5/CentOS5?

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Which PSP for DL380R1 and RHEL5/CentOS5?

Hello everybody,

for now, I am pretty new to this forum and I like to ask you for some hints:

Which ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) should I use for my old Compaq ProLiant DL380R1 and CentOS 5 (compatible to RHEL 5)?
Is it sufficient to use only hpasm?

I like to use Xen and I think, that I should install PSP or something else to control fan speed in Xen Dom0, so the DomUs need no specific ProLiant Software. Am I right?

Out of the box, the DL380 and its hardware stuff functions well (but very noisy) with CentOS 5 and without any additional software like PSP.

Thank you for your comments and hints.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Which PSP for DL380R1 and RHEL5/CentOS5?

Shalom Sven,

PSP 7.7 has proven very reliable for us, even though 7.8 has been out for some time.

You need not use hpasm at all for RHEL 5. PSP is not required at all for using Xen or RHEL 5 or its Centos twin.

I don't see controlling fan speed as much of an issue here either.

The PSP cd/dvd is nice because you can bring the system bios up to date which may be needed to deal with Centos/RHEL.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Which PSP for DL380R1 and RHEL5/CentOS5?

Hello Steven,

thank you for your reply.

Isn't there any benefit using PSP on DL380R1 (with CentOS5/RHEL5)?
I thought, the was an ability to reduce fan noise -and power consumption(?)-, which will be a benefit for my private use of the DL380 at home.