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Re: Windows DNS/HP named problem

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Windows DNS/HP named problem

Has anyone implemented Windows DNS that
has had the problem with DHCP not fully
registering the IP addresses correctly.
We can do nslookup on the PC hostname
but there is no reverse record for
the IP address.

Also. I have named running on our HP servers
for local caching and it has been working
fine for several years until having to
get info from Windows DNS. Now named is
getting confused and will not respond
when doing an nslookup and has to be restarted.

Geoff Wild
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Re: Windows DNS/HP named problem

Yes - it is a BUG not so much in MS DNS but in MS DHCP - the DHCP servers do NOT remove PTR records - only A records...

So, do NOT allow MS DHCP to update bind....

Work around is to use WINS for reverse lookup of DHCP addresses...

In a MS DNS only world, this is fixed by the "bandaid" solution of running a scavenger application - that MS thinks is a Feature - but what it really is, is a bandaid - as the DHCP team has no drive to fix the real problem...

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Dave Johnson_1
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Re: Windows DNS/HP named problem

We are not using DHCP, however I just did a nslookup for my PC and got valid results.
We are running HP-UX 11.00, no named, resolv.conf points to the Windows 2000 server DNS that is serving up DHCP to the PCs.
If you want detailed information about the Windows DNS config, I can ask our network guys.
Hope this helps,