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XW 4100 Memory upgarede

Olli Haaslahti
Occasional Visitor

XW 4100 Memory upgarede


I bought new kingston KVR400D4R3A/1G memory modules for my XW 4100 work station and they dont work. The machine only beeps five times.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: XW 4100 Memory upgarede

I know nothing about the "XW 4100", but ...

What type of memory does it use? (PCxxxx?
Registered or not? ECC or not?)

What type of memory is "[K]ingston

How many memory slots are in your "XW 4100",
and what did you put where? (Did you replace
all the old memory, or add in the new
memory, or what?)

Are there rules for or restrictions on the
memory configuration of this system?
(Install only in pairs or quads? Smallest to
largest in some order? ...)
Honored Contributor

Re: XW 4100 Memory upgarede

Kingston recommends that you use KTH-XW4100/1G, PC2700, not the PC3200 that you bought.