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Re: about Oracle Ent Linux

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about Oracle Ent Linux

performance/cost/updates/patches wise ... whats your opinion about OEL ?

I have three Choices to run Oracle
1, OEL
2, Redhat Ent ADV Server
3, SUSE Linux Ent.
Which one do you suggest ?
We have expertise on 2 and 3.
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Re: about Oracle Ent Linux

2) RH - runs great for Oracle. Have not tried the others, b/c this has run so well, I've not had the need to look further. So, I've nothing to compare it to unfortunately.
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dirk dierickx
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Re: about Oracle Ent Linux

easy, go for the original - RH.

OEL is just a rebuild of RH, but as has been noted a few times, they are sometimes slow on patching their stuff.

I also find support from RH to be better.

If your looking for a cheap alternative to RH, just go CentOS.
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Re: about Oracle Ent Linux

I have not tried / used Oracle Unbreakable Linux (OUL).

If you have a strong intention of deploying a server with Oracle DB, with tight integration with the operating system, you could go for OUL. That way you would get support for Linux as well as DB. As Dirk says both CentOS (free to obtain & deploy) & OUL are RHEL with different branding / badging.

Undoubtedly, if you want a Linux system with Oracle DB as a second priority, RHEL would be a good choice. The benefits of RHEL are already known.

SUSE Linux is also on par with RHEL in terms of Linux deployment.

Hope this helps.
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Re: about Oracle Ent Linux

Thanks EveryOne for help ;)

I am influenced by the following url
Steven E. Protter
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Re: about Oracle Ent Linux


Go for another choice maybe.


That is the source Oracle used to build their distribution.

It is possible to buy support for CentOS from many of the same vendors that provide support to Red Hat.

Oracle support is legendary for being bad. Getting OS and database support from a single vendor is attractive, but the vendor in question needs work.

Steven E Protter
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