about insf and disks..

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: about insf and disks..

I should add that each set of switches corresponds to one disk in the enclosure. If the enclosure does not have 5 disks, then you may have to experiment until you figure out which disks are active. You could also tell by looking at your ioscan output and then looking at the swithces to determine what SCSI ID's correspond to what you see on the enclosure and what the system sees.

There is also the possibility that whoever set up the enclosure set up the disks to NOT use the switches on the back. In that case you will have to take the thing apart and check the disks themselves. If that is the case, just take your time and try not to get frustrated. Those 6000 enclosures are a pain in the a** to work on.

Re: about insf and disks..

Hi Stefano,

This might be a conflict error. Change SCSI id and try the following :

inst -e

ioscan -fn | more

Check whether both are claimed or not .

- Vivek