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about wheel group

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about wheel group

Does anyone know about wheel group. According to what I heard is, it was an old school technique to restrict users to become root users using su command. Could some one tell me how to configure that?.
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Re: about wheel group

in /etc/default/security set the parameter SU_ROOT_GROUP = groupname

Only members who are member of taht group can do su to root

#man securuty

This parameter defines the root group name for the su
command. Refer to su(1).

SU_ROOT_GROUP=group_name The root group name is set to
the specified symbolic group name. The su command
enforces the restriction that a non-superuser must be a
member of the specified root group to be allowed to su
to root. This does not alter password checking.

Default value: If this parameter is not defined or if
it is commented out, there is no default value. In
this case, a non superuser is allowed to su to root
without being bound by root group restrictions.
Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: about wheel group

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