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/adapters/events/ql_adapter/0_2_1_0_4_0 is >= 3. It's Value is critical (5)

Benjamin Morrilll
Occasional Contributor

/adapters/events/ql_adapter/0_2_1_0_4_0 is >= 3. It's Value is critical (5)

hello Iam tryng to track down this Event Monitor notification.

>------------ Event Monitoring Service Event Notification ------------<

Notification Time: Tue Jun 23 13:25:05 2009

qhcha2 sent Event Monitor notification information:

/adapters/events/ql_adapter/0_2_1_0_4_0 is >= 3.
Its current value is CRITICAL(5).

rest of error is in attachd word doc......

i ran ioscan -fnC disk and all the disks look claimed. The results of this are also in the attached file.. are ther other things i should be looking for?

Honored Contributor

Re: /adapters/events/ql_adapter/0_2_1_0_4_0 is >= 3. It's Value is critical (5)

When you ran ioscan you should really be looking at the adapter and not the disks under it. But since the disks show up, the adapter is probably OK too. Do you get many of these? You should be looking into upgrading/patching the EMS package in case it does not recognize the adapter properly.