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apache with SSL

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apache with SSL

any document to build Apache with only HTTPS.

system info:
1- HP-UX server B.11.31 U ia64 0958112782 unlimited-user license

2- httpd -l
Compiled in modules:

3- httpd -v
Server version: Apache/2.0.59 HP-UX_Apache-based_Web_Server
Server built: Apr 17 2009 20:45:10

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Re: apache with SSL

Build? As in "compile"?

If you want to use HTTPS, you cannot remove the http_core.c module from the compile-time configuration. HTTPS is essentially HTTP + SSL, so the http_core.c is used with HTTPS too.

If you compile Apache from source code, there *is* a configuration option --disable-http, but it removes the entire http+https functionality: you would use this only to use Apache as a framework for some custom protocol, which would be a pretty advanced project.

But you can *configure* Apache to accept only HTTPS connections rather easily. Add this line to your main Apache server configuration:

SSLEngine on

Then check all Port and Listen directives in your configuration to make sure Apache is listening on appropriate port(s) only: for SSL, the standard port is 443, although you can use other ports too if you wish. (It is possible to set up HTTPS service in port 80 too, but it would confuse your users needlessly...)

Also make sure you don't specify "SSLEngine off" anywhere in your Apache configuration.

Of course, you must also set up appropriate SSL certificate(s) for your HTTPS service(s). If your service is for internal use only, you can probably use a self-signed certificate (or perhaps the installation process generated one automatically for you), but if you're setting up a public service, you may need an official certificate so that your users won't have to see warnings about the unreliability of your site's certificate.

The complete Apache web server documentation is available on the web:

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Re: apache with SSL

mod_ssl.c is not installed, or not enabled. how would i configure https without this module,
any suggestion on how to enable or add this module. i don't want to reinstall the webserver.
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Re: apache with SSL

i meant by "build apache" --> have it work with SSL.
Sorry my mistake. i should have chosen different word than BUILD .
Joel Girot
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Re: apache with SSL


In your httpd.conf file :

LoadModule ssl_module modules/

Include conf/ssl.conf

for configuring Apache with SSL see this link :

To start the HP-UX Apache-based Web Server with SSL capability (hpux 11.11):
/opt/hpws/apache/bin/apachectl startssl

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Re: apache with SSL