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Re: application on smp system

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application on smp system

Dear Sirs;

Is SMP stands for Shared Memory System or Symmetrical Memory processors ?

I am investigating feasibility to host web applications on hpux servers having 7/8 cpu ( server model (9000/800/N4000-75 and 9000/800/rp7410).

I understand that hpux os will allow application to share 7/8 cpu and to share memory as well by default. (by default i mean we don't need to do anything extra configuration change to enable this feature)

Please let me know if i understood correctly ?


Rick Garland
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Re: application on smp system

SMP = Symmetric MultiPorcessor
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Re: application on smp system

Hi Shiv,

SMP is Symmetric Multi Processing system .
A process will be cplit into muliple threads and each thread can execute on different processors .

SMP is a feature of Operation system ,there is no extra configurations required .But for maximum performance make sure your application is 64bit compatible.

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Raj D.
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Re: application on smp system

Hi Shiv ,

SMP is : Symmetric MultiProcessing.

SMP, is a multiprocessor computer architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single shared main memory. Most common multiprocessor systems today use an SMP architecture.

SMP systems allow any processor to work on any task no matter where the data for that task is located in memory; with proper operating system support, SMP systems can easily move tasks between processors to balance the work load efficiently. On the downside, memory is much slower than the processors accessing them, and even single-processor machines tend to spend a considerable amount of time waiting for data to arrive from memory. SMP makes this worse, as only one processor can access memory at a time; it is possible for several processors to be starved.

hp-ux 11i supports SMP with large number of CPU.

Here is few details:
HP-UX 11i Unique Functionality
Operating Environments (11i Foundation Enterprise, and Mission Critical, Technical, and Minimum Technical).
Application binary compatibility with HP-UX 11.0.
Scalability up to 128 processors in Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) configurations.
Online addition and replacement (OLAR) for PCI-based I/O and networking cards in n class, l class, and Superdome systems.
Dynamic tuning for 11 kernel parameters.

Also you may look at this for SMP features of hpux 11i

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Pete Randall
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Re: application on smp system


Results from the "Computer Acronym Archive" ( ):

1. SMP: Simple Management Protocol
2. SMP: Smart Messaging Protocol
[Nokia - Communication]
3. SMP: Software Motion Picture
4. SMP: Symbolic Manipulation Program
5. SMP: Symmetric MultiProcessing
A form of multiprocessing in which more than one processor can run kernel-level code simultaneously [Hardware]
6. SMP: System Modification Program


Raj D.
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Re: application on smp system

Hi Shiv ,

I have also got few Acronym for SMP:

Here it is :
WHATIS Results for SMP:
- sales manual pages
- security maintenance program
- shared multiprocessor
- subcontract management plan
- supply management project
- symmetric multiprocessing
- symmetric multiprocessors/multiprocessing
- system maintenance port card (ROLM, 9750, 9751)
- system maintenance program
- system message processor
- system modification program (MVS)
- systems management program


Also ,

symmetric multiprocessing
(SMP) Two or more similar processors connected via a high-bandwidth link and managed by one operating system, where each processor has equal access to I/O devices. This is in contrast to the "compute server" kind of parallel processor where a front-end processor handles all I/O to disks, terminals and local area network etc.

The processors are treated more or less equally, with application programs able to run on any or perhaps all processors in the system, interchangeably, at the operating system's discretion. Simple MP usually involves assigning each processor to a fixed task (such as managing the file system), reserving the single main CPU for general tasks.

You can search for symmetric multiprocessing , in

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Re: application on smp system

Hi Shiv,

SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessing, a computer architecture that provides fast performance by making multiple CPUs available to complete individual processes simultaneously (multiprocessing). HP-UX 11i is well known for it's Multiprocessing capabilities.

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Mahesh Kumar Malik
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Re: application on smp system

Hi Shiv

Following link may be of help