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bad disk in storage.

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bad disk in storage.


This is not a issue, just for my clarification, if a disk gone bad in the server fine we are replacing, but if a disk gobe bad in the storage what is the procedure to get the data online and replace the disk, lets consider for eg the storage model is 300GB of data lost from a HDD in EVA 8100.

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Re: bad disk in storage.

Hi ,

We set "Disk drive failure protection" in CV EVA to single or double , so as it can sustain single or double disk failures.
To replace the failed disk form eva , ungroup the failed disk (this you can see in "Unmappable Hardware" and change with new one , and add it to the disk group.It will take time (depending on amount of data in DG , raid levels etc) for leveling to happen .....and you are done.

Jayakrishnan G Naik
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Re: bad disk in storage.

Hi Fizan,
You actually gets luns from the storage assigned to your servers and not the disks

If the disk in storage gone bad in a storage, you can replace online, off course there will be redundancy like Raid 5 or better.
I just read EVA having virtual raid 5 level (vraid5) which can support up to two disk failures. The replacement of the failed disks to be done online failure and the rebuild happens when a replacement disk is detected.

VRAID spreads the LUN over the disks, where as RAID you basically get to choose where it goes.

EVA 8100 supports
Vraid0, Vraid1, Vraid5 & Cross Vraid Snaps

Jayakrishnan G Niak
P Arumugavel
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Re: bad disk in storage.


Disk replacemnt won't make any issue in storages, there are virtual rais levels groups are inbuilt. After replaced, controller will do rebuilding to regenerate the data in replaced disk using the parity. But it may long time depending on size and the data...

But it is an exceptional for Vraid0 case, there you should keep the data backup to restore...

Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: bad disk in storage.