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bash question


bash question

We have been asked to use ksh93 and the management does not like us using bash on RHEL5 etc. Is there a way we could customise ksh93 and use it like bash. I am so used to bash and i hate to give away those features. Any ideas?





Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: bash question

   I don't wish to pry, but exactly which features are "those features"?
And why does "the management" care which shell you use?

> Any ideas?

   Tell "the management" that they're a bunch of busy bodies with,
apparently, too much time on their hands, and that they should find some
more useful way to spend it.

   And then out loud, I'd say, ...

   Because you've only been "asked", not required, I'd suggest politely
declining, and then continuing to use the shell which you find more

Re: bash question

>And why does "the management" care which shell you use?


Management should care which shell scripts are written but probably not so much what you use for your personal shell.  Especially if these scripts are being passed on and maintained by others.