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bdfmegs version 5.8 available

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

bdfmegs version 5.8 available

It's been a while since I tweaked bdfmegs. Here is the latest version. Enhancements are:

1. For 11.31 (and higher) systems, the -v option now reports LVM version for each mountpoint.

2. Added NFS version to the -v option for imported NFS filesystems.

3. Added -e option to control enhancements (seen with -P or -p) where d=dim h=halfbright i=inverse u=underline b=blink

Here is the usage information:

Usage: bdfmegs [ -cghlNPpqstuVv ] [ ]
-c # = Sort on column #
-d = Toggle divisor (1000 or 1024, current=1000)
-e = enhancement for percentage and errors
d=dim h=halfbright i=inverse u=underline b=blink
-g = show gigabytes, otherwise megabytes
-h = Usage (return code=0, Usage to stdout)
-l = local (no NFS)
-M = skip (grep -v) mountpoints
-N = skip one or more volume groups
Repeat -N or use commas: -N vg10,vg24
-p ## = highlight % -ge ##
-P ## = show only % -ge ##
-q = suppress header line and no char enhancements
-s = summarize total, used and available
-t = specifc filesystem: (hfs vxfs nfs cdfs cifs autofs DevFS)
-u = usage (return code=0, Usage to stdout)
-v = verbose (FStype, FSversion, largefiles)
(version info needs read permission for mountpoint)
-V = select one or more volume groups
Repeat -V or use commas: -V vg00,vg01

File(s) or dirpath(s) may be specified to reduce the output of bdfmegs:

bdfmegs -vg /usr/contrib/bin /var/tmp

If bdfmegs is run as bdfgigs (ie, a link), then -g is default.
(bdfmegs ver 5.8_Jul2010)

Bill Hassell, sysadmin