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best utility for backup

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best utility for backup

Hi guys, i wanted to know as to the best internal utility for linux to take backups and also its syntax. I heard about Amanda. So, lets say i have to take a particular filesystems backup /u. How will i take it using amanda.Or if there is any other better utility. How and its syntax.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: best utility for backup


For system backup I have two favorites:

The first cost bucks but is worth it. The latter cost nothing but does work well. I've used both.

Neither will get a clean backup of Oracle data running hot, you need better tools for that.

Steven E Protter
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Re: best utility for backup

Mondo does it pretty well and the learn curve is not to steap, amanda I have not realy used, did read doc, but ended up using mondo/mindi.

But I mostly use home written scripts from crontab to automatic/shutdown boot/single user, full tar backup to spare disk, shutdown, normal reboot...

Jean-Pierre Huc

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Re: best utility for backup

Hi khilari,
Depend upon ur requirements u can choose ur backup utility...
license software.
1)Vertias utility available for windows linux/unix but u have to pay for the license..
2)acronis,handybackup,novabackup,cobanbackup available for windows platform..
3)Amanda available for windows,linux/unix,mac os etc.. moreover it is open source...

Let me know if u required any other information is req.


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