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boot linux on an nc6400

joseph pareti
Frequent Advisor

boot linux on an nc6400

First, this is not the appropriate forum for the problem at hand, but since I could not identify a more appropriate one, I am going to post here anyway.

I want to boot sles 10 (i386 rc5) cdroms on an nc6400, and invariably the laptop boots (windows) from the HD.

My setup is as follows (F10):

cd-rom boot enable
floppy boot eanble
multi-boot enable

boot order:

usb cd-rom 1st
notebook multibay 2nd
usb floppy 3rd
notebook HD 5th

I know the cd is bootable because I booted a blade out of it, but at this stage it should not matter either.

Despite the settings above, when pressing f9 I only see 2 options:

- notebook multibay
- notebook HD

Am I missing anything?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: boot linux on an nc6400


Probably bad firmware/bios. You will probably want to flash the bios to a newer version and make sure you are building your boot cd properly.

Will it boot another system?

IS the system you are trying to install Linux on Linux certified?

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Honored Contributor

Re: boot linux on an nc6400

Are you using a USB CD or the multi-bay installed CD?
joseph pareti
Frequent Advisor

Re: boot linux on an nc6400

first of all thanks to all of you for your support.

I have been able to boot (RHEL) linux using ANOTHER cd, meaning that there was something wrong with the sles10 cd, even though I could swear I had installed a c-blade not long ago using the very same one.

The BIOS menu says something like "USB cd drive", however my drive is built in in the laptop. So I don't really know what kind of cd drive I've got.

Anyhow, what I reported so far was just a prestudy, because what I am really after is installing solaris/x86, and since i could not boot the cd's with the downloaded solaris iso's from the sun website, I kind of starting to worry about more basic stuff and reverted to more familiar pastures like linux ...

I agree that solaris is off-topic here, but I do not seem to find support on solving this issue within hp; all I am asking for is a way to download the installation media for solaris 10 / x86 and create a dvd or (set of cd's ) with which I can boot my notebook and start to learn solaris (not out of passion, but rather of necessity :-)

Honored Contributor

Re: boot linux on an nc6400

Solaris ISOs are available here --