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break and restore mirroring


break and restore mirroring

Dear everyone,

Im a newdie for Tru. I tried to check the disk information from my ds15 server and its seen as below. The way I interpret it is that it has one disk group called rootdg and is mirrored.
1) How do I break the mirroring ? So I can get one of the disk and try to mirror it in another machine. Can I just pull off the disk after shutdown.
2) How do I restore back? bring back the mirroring again.
Thanks in advance.

root@inivr2> voldisk list
dsk0a nopriv root01 rootdg online
dsk0b nopriv swap01 rootdg online
dsk0e simple dsk0e rootdg online
dsk0f nopriv dsk0f-AdvFS rootdg online
dsk0g nopriv dsk0g-AdvFS rootdg online
dsk0h nopriv dsk0h-AdvFS rootdg online
dsk1a nopriv root02 rootdg online
dsk1b nopriv swap02 rootdg online
dsk1e simple dsk1e rootdg online
dsk1f nopriv dsk1f-AdvFS rootdg online
dsk1g nopriv dsk1g-AdvFS rootdg online
dsk1h nopriv dsk1h-AdvFS rootdg online
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: break and restore mirroring

If you are not familiar with LSM, DO NOT do it!
Recovering a broken lsm mirror set sometimes may cause trouble to unexperienced person.
Why don't you use vdump/vrestore.
Since you have ds15, you probably have V5.1B, which is good.
You can also look at this:
I can write you a cookbok how to restore mirror set, but experience is needed.
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster