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cde on linux

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Donald Thaler
Super Advisor

cde on linux

is there a version of cde that works with linux ?

can the hpux version of cde be ported to linux ?

linux enterprise version 5.6
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: cde on linux

> linux enterprise version 5.6

_Whose_ "linux enterprise version 5.6"?

CDE is not freeware. If you can figure out
who owns the rights, and you buy some, then
you could try to get it to work somewhere.

As I recall, KDE was the original free
look-alike for CDE. I don't pay close
attention, but I got the impression that KDE
was not the latest GUI thing in GNU-land

Is there some actual problem which you are
trying to solve?
Honored Contributor

Re: cde on linux

The CDE is fundamentally tied to Motif UI toolkit and mwm (Motif Window Manager).

An open-source version of those already exists:

The next requirement would be to implement all the CDE background services and the "dashboard" desktop menu, either by licensing the proprietary CDE source code or writing a new implementation without violating anyone's copyrights.

On the other hand, CDE is missing about 10 years' worth of innovation in user interface design. (Whether this is a large amount or not is a matter of opinion.)

Donald Thaler
Super Advisor

Re: cde on linux

i'm using oracles enterprise linux 5.6, and i am also using hp ux 11.23, i like the cde interface better than the kde or gnome interface that comes with linux. i'll try the

and see if the works for me...

the only problem i seem to be having with the gnome interface is that it periodically looses the desktop icons and it overlays itself on one of my unix cde session. i'm using opentext's exceed and even though i assign unique screen numbers to each of the sessions at some point in time when i go to one of the unix sessions i see the linux
session, i can minimize it, and the unix session is still there.... i'm working with opentext to try and solve this problem, but i thought i would investigate using cde with linux...