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centralized backup solution.

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centralized backup solution.


We are going to have a centralized backup server setup for a local network consist of 20 servers. There will be a MSL6000 attached to the backup server using Fibre Cable, another Fibre cable is attached to the Fibre Connection Switch, and the rest of the servers (20 servers) connecting to this FCS. What backup software can you recommend install in the centralized backup server so that it can backup all 20 servers onto the MSL6000 tape library? We haven't decide which OS will be running in the backup server yet. But the hardware is a HP Proliant server, so I can imagine there will be only 2 choices, Linux or Windows.

Ivan Ferreira
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Re: centralized backup solution.

Backup at the enterprise is very critical. You could use open source programs, but probably you need some backup software with enterprise support.

You have several options available, for example HP Data Protector, Legato Networker.

Opensource programs could be Bacula or Amanda.
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Robert Walker_8
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Re: centralized backup solution.


We utilise a product called Commvault Galaxy.

They run a windows communications vault server (Scheduler and Operations Overview). Windows/Unix Media servers (where the tape drives hang off if not the commvault server - this is where the backups happen) and then you have clients - Unix/Linux and Windows.

They do Exchange, Oracle, SAP and a number of other areas. We run Oracle and File system agents - one we have is a 2.5TB SAN backed up in less than 4 hours using StorageTek (now Sun) and 4 x 9940 tape drives in a L720 over fibre channel.

Hope this helps.

dirk dierickx
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Re: centralized backup solution.

netbackup works great as a commercial program, but is rather on the expensive side.

in the OSS world, there is not much that beats 'amanda' i guess -

there is also a commercial version of this available as zmanda, which you can find here -