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cfengine errors

I am not getting errors in /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log for all of my servers. For some reason the cf.hourly is not running, the cf.daily is still running. I have lost communication between my systems for part of the stuff i push out. Here is the error message.


 cfservd[9639]:  Private decrypt failed = padding check failed
May 20 17:00:30 khepx007 cfservd[9639]: From (,user=root,ip=::ffff:


I am running DSAUtilities C.01.00.22 on hpux 1403

any help or direction would be appreciated.



Patrick Wallek
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Re: cfengine errors

It sounds like there are issues with your public /private key pair matching up.


I would start by verifying the keys you are using.