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change FC with discs in vg00 and vg01

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Carme Torca
Super Advisor

change FC with discs in vg00 and vg01


I have one server (A400-44) with this target,

# ioscan -fnCfc
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
fc 0 0/2/0/0 td CLAIMED INTERFACE HP Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapter

and I have buy another one P/N A6826A (dual port) , to change it.

I have two vgs in the system (vg00 and vg01), and I have I have internal disc and fibre disc in these vgs (vg00 and vg01).
I don't know what I will have to do when I change the fibre, I suposed the discs will be change their cXtYdZ.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks a lot of!

Users are not too bad ;-)

Re: change FC with discs in vg00 and vg01

What do you want ?
your question is not clear.

vg00 on --- internal disk
vg01 on --- internal disk

You can create map file.
Trusted Contributor

Re: change FC with discs in vg00 and vg01

Hello Torca,

Usually each server will have 2 Fiber Cards ( 2 HBAs) fo redundancy.

ioscan -fnkCfc (this will show 2 of your FC HBAs)

fcmsutil /dev/fcd0 (or /dev/td0)
fcmsutil /dev/fcd1 ( or /dev/td1)
will show status as ONLINE.

you also need to configure on the SAN-SWITCH for zoning information.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: change FC with discs in vg00 and vg01


This involves two procedures The 1st procedure should be done in LVM maintenance mode.

- boot in maintenance mode (-lm)
- vgexport -m vg00
- ioscan
- insf -e
- locate the new device file name for system disk. Assuming this name is now /dev/dsk/c3t0d0 ...
- mkdir /dev/vg00
- mknod /dev/vg00/group c 64 0x000000
- vgimport -m vg00 /dev/dsk/c3t0d0s2
- vgchange -a y vg00
- mountall (errors on other vg than vg00, but doesn't matter)
- su - root
- lvlnboot -R (check with lvlnboot -v)
- setboot -p HardwarePathOfSystemDisk (can get it with lssf /dev/dsk/c3t0d0)
- sync;sync;reboot -r

This is the 2nd procedure for non O/S disks - See the bottom of the thread. Ignore the top.

This is the same procedure, expanded to include every command. I used this in a EMC disk array migratation.

1)shutdown all databases on the system if SAP then have SAP shut them down

2)make a copy of the bdf bdf > /root/asap#.bdf

3)do an ioscan â fnC tape and look for any HP Ultrium drives

4)make map file vgexport â p â s â m /root/ (volume group name) There may be more than 1 volume group per system.

5)Make sure maestro is shutdown on the system /sbin/init.d/maestro stop

6)Fuser â cu /filesystem if nothing shows up skip step 8

7)Fuser â cuk /filesystem

8)Unmount all file systems umount â a

9)Do a bdf and make sure you only see vg00

10)Do an ll /dev/*/group >

11)Vgexport the other volume group/groups

12)Do a mkdir on all volume groups (mkdir /dev/(name)

13)Do a mknod on all volume groups using original numbers and names (mknod /dev/name/group c 64 0x0#0000)

16)Reboot the system shutdown â r now

17)Once the system comes up make sure you can see the "NEW" disks with an ioscan â fnC disk

NOTE: HERE is where the cables were changed from one array to the other, causing new device paths / pv names to be generated.

18)If you can not see the disks do an insf â e 2 times then try the ioscan â fnC disk again if you see the disks continue

NOTE: If you have EMC Power Path the 19, 20

19)Do a powermt config

20)Do a powermt display check serial numbers

21)ow do a vgimport â s â m /root/ (volume group name) for each volume group

22)If the volume group imports then do a vgchange â a y (volume group name) (not done on Service Guarded systems)

23)Once the volume group is activated we can now run a mount â a on the system

24)Verify the new bdf with the old one that was saved in /root/asap#.bdf

25)Have either DBA or SAP start the databases and check them out.

26)Verify that any systems that had tape drives are now visible ioscan â fnC tape
8)Do an exportfs â a
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