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Re: change storage from DAS to SAN

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change storage from DAS to SAN

I have HP Storage VA7110 on Hpux 11i.Now I use HP SAN switch 2/8 for my VA storage. How do I change
my volume configure to new SAN storage.I knew vgexport and vgimport but correct arguments I need some help.thanks
G. Vrijhoeven
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Re: change storage from DAS to SAN

If there is no need for a reconfiguration you can add the disks from the SAN to you current volume groups create an ( other ) mirror (pvcreate, vgextend, lvextend). Once mirrored you can lvreduce the DAS disks. If there is a need for reconfiguration you can just create new volumegroups and copy all the data to the new one ( Restore a full backup to the new location)


Ivajlo Yanakiev
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Re: change storage from DAS to SAN

first of all :)
make backup anyway.
after that umount your VA7110 VG and LV
and make
vgchange -a n VGname
vgexport -v -m /tmp/ VGname
reconnect your VA storage using switch.
start VA and make
# ioscan
#insf -e
find that all VA7110 disk is present?
#vgimport -v
-m /tmp/ /dev/dsk/cXtXdX .....
where cXtXdX is you new disks device file.
vgchange -a y VGname
Steve Lewis
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Re: change storage from DAS to SAN

The important things are these:
Note down the disk names used in the volume group(s) that are on the VA7110 before you vgexport.
vgdisplay -v vgNN > /tmp/vgNN.txt

That tells you how which disks/LUNs are used and how big they are.

Then ioscan -fn > /tmp/ioscan.txt

This will allow you to map the disks in the vgdisplay to hardware paths.
Then once you have plugged the VA7110 into the switch, do another ioscan -fn and compare the output with the previous ioscan. This will help you work out what the new names for the disks are and therefore which device names to use in the vgimport.

Apart from that the steps in the postings above are a good guideline.

Ivajlo Yanakiev
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Re: change storage from DAS to SAN

read last command
#vgimport -v
-m /tmp/ VGname /dev/dsk/cXtXdX .....


#vgimport -v
-m /tmp/ /dev/dsk/cXtXdX .....
Andrew Fong

Re: change storage from DAS to SAN

Vgexport/vgexport seems to be the way to go in your case. I would recommend that you take a good backup of the system in single user mode or shutting down any running applications and database before the backup. Since the system's disk device files might be changed, a good backup is essential for this type of operation. I also suggest that you run Ignite to capture a bootable image.

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