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changes on /bin/sh from 11.11 to /usr/bin/sh

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changes on /bin/sh from 11.11 to /usr/bin/sh

I have user1 in HPUX 11.11 with /bin/sh as shell. With this user1, I am able to do ftp without any problem on 11.11. When I installed HPUX 11.23 and created the same user1 with /bin/sh shell, I'm not able to do ftp on 11.23. But if I change the shell to /usr/bin/sh , I'm able to do ftp. Is this the new way of assigning shell to the users on 11.23 versions? Any explanation will be appreciated.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: changes on /bin/sh from 11.11 to /usr/bin/sh

> [...] I'm not able to do ftp [...]

This is not a useful description of what you
did, or of what happened when you did it.

My (weak) psychic powers say "echo $PATH".
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: changes on /bin/sh from 11.11 to /usr/bin/sh


You either need to change to '/usr/bin/sh' ('/bin/sh' is only a symbolic link to it on HP-UX) or add '/bin/sh' to the '/etc/shells' file in addition to:


If you don't have an '/etc/shells' or the file isn't readable, this is the standard set of shells assumed. To FTP you need an account with a shell that is specified therein. You can create an 'etc/shells' file to meet your needs if necessary.



Re: changes on /bin/sh from 11.11 to /usr/bin/sh

The only reason to use /bin/sh is because you are using NIS with both HP-UX and linux. I.e. there is no such thing as /bin on HP-UX, it's an illusion.

And JRF is correct, you have to add the name to /etc/shells, like I do.
Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: changes on /bin/sh from 11.11 to /usr/bin/sh


As mentioned above by
>>Dennis, JRF <<

/etc/shells --> contains shells available in HPUX , if you have doubt before assinging shell to new user account you can refer to this "/etc/shells" than assign,

Only ftp user account doesn't require shell it could carry "false"


you hit this problem suspecting you would have used command useradd to creat new-user accounts by pointing /bin/sh , which doesn't exits under HPUX,

if you would have used "SAM" creat new_user account "you choice to chose prefered shell"

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