changing nis master

Sachin Patel
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Re: changing nis master

Hi Tarak,
I am sorry if that has cause you any problem. But now you learn from your mistake that you don't mess with main sever in day time while everyone is working untill you are sure that it works.

Well don't panic. Cool down.
1. Where is your netgroup file. may be /etc/netgroup check what is inside. As Santosh says you can make netgroup map my
#cd /var/yp
#make netgroup.

2. Go in to one of the slave server move all maps from /var/yp/domainname to somewhere.
and build the map again
#ypinit -s servername or ip_address.
You will see it all maps generates.
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Re: changing nis master

Thanks Sachin for your help.
I've solved in another way. I haven't created any slave, because of that problem, so i have a master and all clients! It's not very good, but it's working.
Every time i try to configure slave it gives me that problem. It's the first time i'm having all these problems.
However thanks very much, i will keep nis configuration like now, hoping that master won't have any problem.