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Re: check the security hole

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check the security hole

I want to know is there any secruity hole in my system , eg . the service port released , insecure files , files permission .... etc , is there any software can help to check it ? thx
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Re: check the security hole

R. Sri Ram Kishore_1
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Re: check the security hole


Check out the System Healthcheck product available at:


Sri Ram
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Dave Unverhau_1
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Re: check the security hole


Both Peter Geluk and Sri Ram made excellent recommendations. Peter's suggestion is Bastille-UX which is available as a free download, as you'll see in the link he provided.

The System Healthcheck tool recommended by Sri Ram is provided as a free download in its "lite" version. It's a reporting tool only, where Bastille will guide you through a process that allows you to lock down your system.

If you just want to get an overview of your system's security status, you might want to start with the System Healthcheck, then go with Bastille if you want to lock it down tighter.

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Steve Kruger
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Re: check the security hole

I would also recommend the HP-UX Security Patch Check Tool to verify that you have all of the required HP-UX Security patches installed on your system.

This tool is is free and is available at: