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cifs LOC timeout

Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

cifs LOC timeout

Hi Everyone,


I am working with a cifsmount using the HP server as the client.


HP-UX 11.11

CIFS 02.02.02


i can mount the windows share but when I try to do the cifslogin I get a "CIFS: Timeout" error.


What is very weird is that the old version of CIFS didn't give me this error.


Any help on what could be the issue would be greatly appreciated!




Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: cifs LOC timeout

Called HP Network support and worked with Keith Lautenschlager, AWESOME SUPPORT!!


We did traces to see what was going on and found that cifscientd was not talking with the Windows server at all. Even though I had rebooted the system, something was not clearing and allowing cifsclientd to start correctly.


After a lot of debuging we stopped cifclient normally <not killing it or rebooting>, started it again and it started working again. Evidently cifclient does some cleanup when it is normally shut down that may not have been happening.


Still a mystery, but it is now working.