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cleaning /tmp

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cleaning /tmp

how to clean /tmp
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Re: cleaning /tmp

man rm
P Muralidhar Kini
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Re: cleaning /tmp

Hi Entisar,

You have to use the RM/RMDIR command to delete the files/directory.

Check the following link for more details -

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Ralph Grothe
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Re: cleaning /tmp

You could also handle /tmp the Solaris way,
i.e. mounting that filesystem as tmpfs from RAM.
This lifts the burden to clean up from the admin because all contents get lost on reboots (e.g. during maintenance).
It also frees you the blocks your /tmp occupied on hdd.
See "man mount" and look for tmpfs mount options.
I often use these in my fstab:

$ grep /tmp /etc/fstab
none /tmp tmpfs rw,mode=01777,size=512m,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: cleaning /tmp

Normally the tmpwatch script will keep your tmp directory clean.


See man tmpwatch.
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