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cmsnmpd process

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cmsnmpd process

Hello all,

On SNMP host destination server cmsnmpd and snmpdm both process are running.
Will it be problem ??

SNMP traps are not reaching destination ?

Please help out ?
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Re: cmsnmpd process

> cmsnmpd and snmpdm both process are running.
Will it be problem ??

No, snmpdm and cmsnmpd will co-operate with each other. "snmpdm" is the SNMP master agent process, which actually listens for SNMP requests from the network.

"cmsnmpd" is one of the SNMP sub-agent processes. By the "cm" prefix, I think it's the one that collects Serviceguard status information and allows it to be reported by SNMP. There should be several other processes for collecting other types of data: usually at least "mib2agt" and "hp_unixagt".

There is also "trapdestagt", but it only allows remote configuration of SNMP trap destinations by SNMP write access. It does not actually receive SNMP traps.

> SNMP traps are not reaching destination ?

What software are you using to receive the traps at destination? How is it configured?

If you have changed /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf (e.g. to configure a trap destination), have you restarted the SNMP agent after making the change? Did you restart all the sub-agents too?

Have you confirmed (e.g. by a network trace) that the source server is actually sending out SNMP traps?

If there are firewalls in your network, have they been configured to allow SNMP traps to pass from the source host(s) to the destination(s)?

If you have IPFilter installed on your hosts, is it configured to block any "unnecessary" traffic? If so, you must configure it to allow SNMP traps too.

Raj D.
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Re: cmsnmpd process


>>On SNMP host destination server cmsnmpd and snmpdm both process are running.

This is normal : both should be running.

# ps -ef | grep snmp
root 3013 1 0 Jan 6 ? 0:00 /usr/lbin/cmsnmpd
root 2950 1 0 Jan 6 ? 5:39 /usr/sbin/snmpdm

- snmpd is the actual snmpd daemon.

- cmsnmpd
Cluster SNMP Agent Daemon: cmsnmpd
This daemon is used by the management-station version of Serviceguard Manager to obtain information about the cluster. It produces the Cluster MIB.

If you are doing any modification to snmpd.conf (/etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf
) you need to restart snmpd daemon.

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Michael Steele_2
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Re: cmsnmpd process


cmsnmpd is one of 12 or so MC/SG daemons. It's purpose is to interface with the Cluster View Application GUI. It is an optional daemon to run. See


if you want it off. I would turn it off? Are you using Cluster View ? If yes then leave it on.

snmpdm can often run at 100% cpu utilization and more frequently seen on a day to day basis as it is the master network daemon for snmp. It is not dependent upon cmsnmpdm at all. Its config file is /etc/rc.config.d/snmp.conf. It can be fragile or wiggy during network scans. I.e., network security scans that hit every port on every severs in a subnet.
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John Guster
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Re: cmsnmpd process

If snmpd.conf is updated, snmpdm needs be restarted. There are SnmpMib2, SnmpHpunix, SnmpTrdDst, SnmpMaster, and cmsnmpagt, which one needs be restarted and what is the sequence to restart them?