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command to rescan HP HIL bus

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command to rescan HP HIL bus

I have a question to those HP gurus who still know about the hp-hil bus.
If I remember right there was a command to rescan the hil bus so that new devices were found after they became hot plugged.
We used to use this to add ID modules to a running system.
Of course the keyboard needed to stay in place so that you could issue the re-scan command.
Unfortunately I can not remember the command nor can I find it on the web.
Hopefully someone from the glory days of HP-UX 9 still can tell what this command was.
I still have to maintain some 9.x systems in our production area (not to mention our srm systems ;-) )
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Re: command to rescan HP HIL bus


Long time ago it was :) I only remember
command to automatically install the correct
mapping for an HP-HIL keyboard:

itemap -L

The command has number of other flags...


VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic
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Re: command to rescan HP HIL bus

The folks mentioned here:

might know. I came across that link with a web search for "add hp-hil module" - not sure if anything mentioned in the hil(7) manpage might help:
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Re: command to rescan HP HIL bus

I did check itemap and the hil man page before I asked my question but neither was of any help.
I will give a try to the hp300 link.