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configure LAN EPSON printer on hpserver


configure LAN EPSON printer on hpserver


I need to configure EPSON PLQ_20 on hpux server, the printer is connected on the lan.

thanks for your help
Honored Contributor

Re: configure LAN EPSON printer on hpserver

You can setup a remote spooler on the hp-ux server. You need the epson's hostname or IP address and the default queue name.

Or you can setup a network spooler (TCP) but you need to have the hppi software on the server. You also need to use an interface script for the printer. Does the printer come with any interface scripts for hp-ux? If not you can use try an interface script from an HP printer that matches the epson printer features.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: configure LAN EPSON printer on hpserver

hppi software only works with HP printers or with non-HP printers that use an HP JetDirect external adapter. Otherwise, you add the printer using SAM (or smh if you are using 11.23 or 11.31). The printer is configured as a "remote" printer, not a network printer. You will need 4 items setup:

1. Local print queue name on HP-UX (pick some name)

2. Remote print server IP address. The PLQ 20 does not seem to have a built-in LAN card so you'll need the information from the external print server.

3. The name of the printer inside the print server. It might be prn, raw, text, something...the remote printer protocol requires the name of the printer known to the print server.

4. Select BSD printer option.

You'll also have to configure the Epson to handle Unix text files. This is an option to translate each LF character into LF+CR.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin