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configuring rexec in hpux

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Valued Contributor

configuring rexec in hpux

Hi All,

I need to configure rexec in my hpux boxes.
Could you pls provide the necessary steps for the same ? many thanks.Is ssh must for rexec?

hope rexec is default package comimg with hpux ?

Honored Contributor

Re: configuring rexec in hpux

Hi Sreer,

You just need to enable the following line from /etc/inetd.conf file. that's it

exec stream tcp nowait root /usr/lbin/rexecd rexecd

Once uncomment the above line, restart the inetd daemon by runing the following command.

#inetd -c
Best wishes,

Valued Contributor

Re: configuring rexec in hpux

Hi Ganesh,

Thanks much for your help.

I will try the same in my boxes :-)

Rgds Sree
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: configuring rexec in hpux

From a safety point of view it could be better to do

# ssh user@system 'command'

Hope this helps!

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