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copy Mirror disk ux software

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copy Mirror disk ux software


We have 2 HPUX servers located at 2 different locations. We have HP UX 11.11 FOE with additional licenses for Online JFS and Mirror disk ux.

Installed Mirror disk ux in one servers and missed it on the other one now We need to install the Mirror disk ux and we do not have any help for inserting the media, Any way out how do we copy the Mirror disk ux depot and copy to the server?

Mounted the CD and find that the depot directory B249B1A is empty.
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software

use swinstall and install the product (using your code word).

The installer will build a new kernel and after a reboot you can use mirroring.

Hope this helps!

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Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software

Hi Vinay,

mount the cdrom,
# swinstall will apper,
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Ganesan R
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software


Use the network path to install it from remote server where the cd is mounted and has mirror ux product

#swinstall -s :/mountpoint
Best wishes,

sujit kumar singh
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software

HI once teh CD is mounted on the serverA(say at /cdrom) , on that server try doing a swreg -l depot /cdrom on the serverA. then on the serverB, start the swinstall in the GUI mode and select that IP address of that server (serverA) and the install directory (/cdrom).

After that succeeeds and you can see that /cdrom beinf acccessed by the swinatsll GUI on serverB , go to actions -- Add codeword -- then you shall see the Mirror-UX Bundle, mark that and go to actions and install .

That shall install the mirror disk on that serverB.

Mark McDonald_2
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software

Cant you use swcopy? add the codes, copy the bundle locally.

This will automatically register it for a network based install. OR you could then copy the new depot over to the other server.
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software

If the cdrom is registered in ServerA then it can be seen in ServerB by:

# swlist -l depot @ ServerA

This shows the registered depots (CDrom) in ServerA.

Then you can do the installation in ServerB by:

# swinstall -s ServerA:[The depot name in ServerA]
Steven E. Protter
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software


You can use swcopy to make a clear copy of mirror-ux on a system that is licensed.

This does not change the requirement that every copy be licensed and paid for. It does make subsequent installations possible without codewords.

You merely direct the swcopy command from the gui to a .depot file.

Steven E Protter
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Re: copy Mirror disk ux software

Hey Guys thanks for the response.

I have mounted the CD and registered on Server A and i am able to install it with sw install.

This is the beauty of HP ITRC we can rely on it.