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create a raw device from sam

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create a raw device from sam

how can i create a raw device before installing a new database Oracle.
1-i need please the steps from scan
2-it is necessary to mount this raw device
3-how can i check if it is really created
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Re: create a raw device from sam

Hello Bitou,

It's been quite a few years but I believe the steps you are looking for are as follows:

1. Using SAM, go to Disks and find your unsed disks.

2. Create a Volume Group.

3. Create the required Logical Volumes.

Then Oracle usually likes to have links set up to use the disk. So you would create the links to the logical volumes that you created. There is no mount because you are not using a file system.

Bill Hassell
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Re: create a raw device from sam

You are confusing mounted filesystems with a raw volume. The steps are:

1. pick a volume group that has the required amount of disk space

2. run lvcreate to create the lvol.

There isn't anything else to do. You'll need to use the -L option to choose the size, and optionally -n option to pick a name:

lvcreate -L 10000 -n ora1 vgora

where vgor is /dev/vgora that has at least 10 GB of free space, and /dev/vgora/rora1 is the name of the raw device for Oracle.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: create a raw device from sam

thanks for yr reply, but when i check the raw device created from the SAM i see not "unused"
it is normally.
Raj D.
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Re: create a raw device from sam

Why SAM, you can use command line to create and verify it easily.

1. get the disk.
2. create a vg (with vgcreate) , or if you are using an existing vg then proceed to step 3.
3. create the raw LV, with lvcreate -n r_LVXX
4. verify
- with ls -l to /dev/vgname/rr*
- lvdisplay /dev/vgname/r_LVXX

Let us know if you need the exact commands, and pls provide more info,

" If u think u can , If u think u cannot , - You are always Right . "
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Re: create a raw device from sam

it is easy from sam.
My object is to create a raw device before installation a database. i found a method from sam but when i checked the raw device appeared "unused". it is normal!!!!!!!!!!!
and please provide me the detail steps. thanks
Maxim Yakimenko
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Re: create a raw device from sam

"installing a new database Oracle" unusually it sounds today... sorry for offtop
Jose Mosquera
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Re: create a raw device from sam


The status "unused" is normal because until now you have not "formatted" the logical volume for HP-UX will recognize it as a work area. When I say "format"I mean the command "newfs". e.g:
# newfs-F vxfs /dev/vgnn/rlvolname

One area not formatted correctly known as an area or device "raw". Examples include areas "swap" of HP-UX, or areas "raw" storage devices associated with databases (Oracle, Sybase, etc). In the case of database devices "raw" looking to have direct management access to areas of database without using a HP-UX as intermediate interlocutor which should result in speed of access as the database manager Data is also the area manager "raw". By other hand, having a work area "raw" HP-UX can not recognize what's inside, you lose control of handling this area, you can not see anything inside it. Since there is no hard data to HP-UX should make exports/dumps database to areas "formatted" with HP-UX backups to HP-UX.