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creating mount points on linux

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creating mount points on linux

I have red hat enterprise Linux attached with MSA1000.
i want to assingn storage from MSA 1000 and making mount points on linux machine.
whats the procedure at linux end so know that following disk space from MSA100 has been assigned and i can create mount points.

Any document or help????
Steven E. Protter
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Re: creating mount points on linux


Boot the Linux system while connected to the MSA1000.

Install PSP Version 8, connect to the storage and configure the RAID on it. You can also connect to the MSA via console and do the same thing.

At that point, fdisk -l will show mount points that can be configured with lvm or other disk tools that ship with the OS.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: creating mount points on linux

What about multipath configuration??
you mean to say i have to do nothing and as MSA connects i start see the mount points or free disk space??

kindly tell your procedure in detail??

I think there is some WWN configuration at Both end required how they will be configured and wht steps will be follow to accomplish each task from both ends.

Re: creating mount points on linux


I've just configured my linux environment to the same setup you have just mentioned. can you please supply more information. etc. hardware and hp software. Any redundancy? did you install the hp smart start cd??
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Re: creating mount points on linux

i Have MSA1000 with dual controller and backend installed 2 fibre switch 8 ports.
Now whts the step by step procedure at linux and MSA1000 from both end to make mount points on linux machine.

i have currently 42 harddisk of 300GB and configured raid will be RAID-5

i have decided to make one active spare.

kindly tell me whole procedure for it.i.e how my space will be shown on linux machine?
is it free space or by which command i should see the given space from MSA1000.

i also want to configure multipath as there are 2 conrtoller and 2 fibre switch with 8 port each.