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cstm Harware Erorr

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cstm Harware Erorr

Hi Experts,

When I checked the Hardware Status of the HPUNIX box by CSTM, I got the status of the hardware incomplete


45 0/5/0/0 PCI 100 BaseT LAN Interfa Verify Incomplete

Then I checked the info log I got the following message.

System Bus Adapter -- Rope Interface

Timestamp = Tue Jun 21 11:32:44 GMT 2005 (20:05:06:21:11:32:44)

OV RQ RS ESTAT A C D corr unc fe cw pf
-- -- -- ----- - - - ---- --- -- -- --

IO Requestor Address = 0x0000000000000000
IO Target Address = 0x0000000000000000
IO Responder Address = 0x0000000000000000
IO Physical Location = 0x000000ffffffff82
IO Hardware Path = 0x00ffffffffffff00

Module Error Register = 0x0000000000000000
Rope Physical Location = 0x000101ffff05ff83

Anybody know the meaning of the following error log. Please help me.

Thanks in advance
Mel Burslan
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Re: cstm Harware Erorr

I do not know about what any particular stm error means but usually refers to a trouble with the hardware. If you have a h/w support agreement, it is best of you call the provider and have them check the NIC in question. On the other hand, if this is an unused interface, you can wait and do the repair alongside another maintenance. Not all hardware failures need immediate attention.
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Andrew Rutter
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Re: cstm Harware Erorr


i've seen similar errors on lan cards that have no network cable attached or are not configured in the system? is this one?

as well as verifying the hardware interface it looks to see if it is active?

but also your error log is from 2005? not a new error

does the network card actually work?