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cstm on hp-ux 11.11

Tom Wolf_3
Valued Contributor

cstm on hp-ux 11.11

Hello, we're running version A.61.00 of support tools on HP-UX 11.11. I have two servers that keep generating the following output after starting cstm and running the map command. I have stopped/restarted diagnostics (/sbin/init.d/diagnostic stop and /sbin/init.d/diagnostic start) but that hasn't cleared this problem.

Does anyone have suggestions on fixing it?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Wolf

# cstm
Running Command File (/usr/sbin/stm/ui/config/.stmrc).

-- Error --
The process for retrieving device maps from the current test system failed for
an unknown reason.
The process will be restarted the next time a system is made the current test
Please Refer to the UI Activity Log for more details.

-- Information --
Support Tools Manager

Version A.61.00

Product Number B4708AA

(C) Copyright Hewlett Packard Co. 1995-2008
All Rights Reserved

Use of this program is subject to the licensing restrictions described
in "Help-->On Version". HP shall not be liable for any damages resulting
from misuse or unauthorized use of this program.

-- Information --
Aborting all open command files.

* * * N O C U R R E N T S Y S T E M * * *
Honored Contributor

Re: cstm on hp-ux 11.11

Re: cstm on hp-ux 11.11


Well have you looked at the UI activity log as suggested. From the cstm prompt:


will show you the contents




Md. Minhaz Khan
Super Advisor

Re: cstm on hp-ux 11.11

Dear Tom

I have solved this kind of problem by reinstalling OnlineDiag Depot. You can try it.

Please go through below:

when i have found that when i run cstm command and then type map following message shows:
* * * N O C U R R E N T S Y S T E M * * *
Then i reinstall ONLINEDiag depot and found cstm command working.

Step1: Use the following command:
# ./sbin/init.d/diagnostic stop
# ./sbin/init.d/diagnostic start
Now if cstm command not works properly then reinstall OnlineDiag depot
Step 2: First verify your OS version using the following command:
#uname -a
Then down load ONLINEDiag depot according to the match OS version from the following HP site:
then upload the DEPOT software in to the server using bin mode
Step 3: Run the following coomand to reinstall depot:
#swinstall â s OnlineDiag_B.
**Note: When you the the above command please mark the reinstall option