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Re: cups problem

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Frequent Advisor

cups problem

Dear Gurus,

I am using RED-HAT EL3
I had already configured printers
That are unix-lpd printers
in my server. Previously all printers
are working and all of them
are showing via http://localhost:631
as well as in systemsetting->printerconfiguration
in GUI .
Even I restart service CUPS &http
CUPS is giving faild.

But now all printers are not working
& I can’t see printer via any method
How can I solve this problem


Re: cups problem


Updated CUPS packages that fix a security issue are now available for Red
Hat Enterprise Linux.
A bug was found in the way CUPS processes malformed HTTP requests. It is
possible for a remote user capable of connecting to the CUPS daemon to
issue a malformed HTTP GET request that causes CUPS to enter an
infinite loop.
Two small bugs have also been fixed in this update. A signal handling
problem has been fixed that could occasionally cause the scheduler to stop
when told to reload. A problem with tracking open file descriptors under
certain specific circumstances has also been fixed.
Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released
errata relevant to your system have been applied. Use Red Hat
Network to download and update your packages. To launch the Red Hat
Update Agent, use the following command:


For information on how to install packages manually, refer to the
following Web page

Frequent Advisor

Re: cups problem

I have solved my problem by clearing
Access log file in /var/log/cups directory