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device special files

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device special files

what is the difference between persistent device files legacy device files

y is device speial files used for
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Re: device special files

This should help you..

legacy DSF:

A legacy device special file was the only type of mass storage DSF in releases prior to HP-UX 11i v3, so it is associated with the legacy view. It is locked to a particular physical hardware path, or lunpath, and does not support agile addressing. Each lunpath requires a different DSF, so a multi-pathed LUN has multiple DSFs, one for each lunpath.

Persistent DSF:

A persistent device special file is associated with a LUN hardware path, and is seen in the agile view. Because it is based on the LUN hardware path, rather than the lunpath, it transparently supports agile addressing and multipathing. Like the LUN hardware path, the binding of device special file to device persists across reboots, but is not guaranteed to persist across installations
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Re: device special files

Also refer the following thread..
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Re: device special files


Check the following link -
-> introduction to device special files

Hope this helps.

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