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disk space full

Regular Advisor

disk space full

Disk space used % /tmp 95.388200. Could any body tell how to solve this issue..Thanks in advance ..
Super Advisor

Re: disk space full

Remove all the unwanted files & dir in /tmp.it will reduce ..If u want that files take a backup using fbackup & delete it.
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: disk space full


can do a

#du -k /tmp | sort +n | pg

have a look as per the file size and see if some of the files can be moved.
100 % full /tmp shall make the system un-bootable.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: disk space full


Re: "...100 % full /tmp shall make the system un-bootable...", could the poster of this comment be a little more careful with his / her adivce giving. This is such an obvious mistake I won't even comment on it.

du -k /tmp | sort -rn | more (* is good for finding biggest to littlest file sizes *)

ls -lart (* is good for get a chronological listing oldest to newest *)

lsof /tmp (* is good for find running processes still writing to open files within the /tmp filesystem *)

cd /tmp
touch /tmp/file_mfs
find /tmp -type f -newer /tmp/file_mfs -exec ll {} \; (* is good for finding runnaway processes, or, hard to find children of killed parents still writing to a file system *)
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Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: disk space full

100% full /tmp does not make the system unbootable. It just causes some badly designed and authored software to malfunction or not work at all.

you can sort /tmp by date

cd /tmp
ls -lt | tail -50 > /var/tmp/oldtempfiles

take say the oldest 50 files at the bottom

for f in $(cat /var/tmp/oldtempfiles)
fuser $f | awk {'print $1'} >/var/tmp/tfile.tmp
cat /var/tmp/tfile.tmp|grep -q ^[0-9]
if [ $r -ne 0 ]
echo "$f: file not open" # can be deleted
echo "$f: file open" # do nothing

But as always, use common sense before deleting people's files. They may get upset. Last thing you want to do, upset the assistant of the big boss.
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sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: disk space full

Hi Michael,

acknowledge the same.

Re: disk space full

>Mel: 100% full /tmp does not make the system unbootable.

Then perhaps unusable. There have been threads where a full / has caused the passwd file to be blasted if trying to edit it.
(I suppose this comes under your "badly designed" statement. ;-)
Pintu Bhagat
Occasional Advisor

Re: disk space full

The /tmp 100% does not make system unbootable.

First of all go to
# cd /tmp

check and core file or and log file, which we can immediatily delete or move from the /tmp. If by doing this some size is reduced do

# du -sk *|sort -nr|more

It will sort the file with maximum size, from which you can get the idea, which file (consuming more size) needs to be deleted.

Hope this may help you
Regular Advisor

Re: disk space full


Try to find core and any large old files that can be move to other lication--

(1) find /tmp - name core*

(2)cd /tmp
du * | sort -rn | head sort the large file with its size in descending order

(3)du -kx /tmp | sort -rn | more ( Listing the large file in kb )

(4)find . -xdev -type f -size + 100000 -exec ls lrt{}\+