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double error halt its urgent

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double error halt its urgent

i have alphaserver es40 with tru64 5.1
its getting restarting automatically.
i am giving fallowing command

evmget -C binlog | evmshow -d |more
output its giving like this

Formatted Message:
Double error halt

Event Data Items:
Event Name : sys.unix.binlog.hw.double_err_halt
Priority : 700
Timestamp : 06-Dec-2009 04:01:10
Host IP address :
Host Name : testing
Format : Double error halt
Reference :

Variable Items:
subid_class (INT32) = 113
subid_type (INT32) = 0
binlog_event (OPAQUE) = [OPAQUE VALUE: 504 bytes]
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Re: double error halt its urgent

Try to boot to single user mode by
P00>>> b -fl s

If fails then try to set the server to minimum config, reduce the number of CPU's to 1 and reduce the size of memory and try to boot again.

Seems to be facing a HW problem
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Re: double error halt its urgent


Your system is reporting hardware machine checks.

If you can stabilize the system, you'll need to analyze the error log and/or contact your hardware service provider to determine the failing hardware.

If you have support, see this link:


Vladimir Fabecic
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Re: double error halt its urgent

Since it is ES40, I would recomend you to do memory testing.
Most problems with ES40 were memory related.
Sometimes it took several hours to get failed DIM.
So take some time and do:
- Change console to serial (if not already)
- Connect a terminal emulator and log output
- Do ">>> memexer 3"
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster