drd clone issue

Nilesh Patoliya
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drd clone issue

Hello All,

I have an EVA and rx machine and I have created a new vdisk on the EVA and try to clone the existing disk to the new disk using DRD.

root@apln01# /usr/sbin/ioscan -fNnkC disk
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
disk 33 64000/0xfa00/0x1d esdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP HSV200
/dev/disk/disk33 /dev/rdisk/disk33
/dev/disk/disk33_p1 /dev/rdisk/disk33_p1
/dev/disk/disk33_p2 /dev/rdisk/disk33_p2
/dev/disk/disk33_p3 /dev/rdisk/disk33_p3
disk 34 64000/0xfa00/0x21 esdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP HSV200
/dev/disk/disk34 /dev/rdisk/disk34

Here /dev/rdisk/disk33 is the original disk and /dev/rdisk/disk34 is the newly created disk.

I gave the following command to put DRD to copy the disk to the new vdisk

root@apln01# /opt/drd/bin/drd clone -v -x overwrite=true -t /dev/disk/disk34

It throws the following error -
======= 04/06/09 02:03:56 PDT BEGIN Clone System Image (user=root) (jobid=ap03)

* Reading Current System Information
* Selecting System Image To Clone
* Selecting Target Disk
ERROR: Selection of the target disk fails.
- Selecting the target disk fails.
- Validation of the disk "/dev/disk/disk34" fails with the following error(s):
- The device special file "/dev/disk/disk19" cannot be identified in the system configuration information.
* Selecting Target Disk failed with 1 error.

======= 04/06/09 02:04:01 PDT END Clone System Image failed with 1 error. (user=root) (jobid=ap03)

I didn't get any disk named "/dev/disk/disk19" during ioscan. What is that device special file?

Did I need to do something else to perform this task?

Please Advise.

Jorge Pons
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Re: drd clone issue


please, the output of lvmtab
and ioscan -fnC disk

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Re: drd clone issue


Can you try to create partitions for the second boot disk ?

is there any alternate path for the original boot disk?

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Paul McCleary
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Re: drd clone issue


This old post matches your new post, not sure what is going on? Are you the same person and has this not been resolved: