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drd update-ux failure

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drd update-ux failure

I am attempting to run update-ux on a drd drive, but getting an error for the precommnads.  How do I either edit the precommands to add the -R or find another solution.  Please see command and error below.



drd runcmd update-ux -x log_verbosity=5 -p -s crow:/ignite/Software_Depots/OE_Depots>

=======  12/02/11 11:55:43 EST  BEGIN Executing Command On Inactive System Image (user=root)

       * Checking for Valid Inactive System Image
       * Analyzing Command To Be Run On Inactive System Image
       * Locating Inactive System Image
       * Preparing Inactive System Image For Command Execution
       * Selected inactive system image "sysimage_001" on disk "/dev/disk/disk3".
       * Accessing Inactive System Image for Command Execution
       * Setting Up Environment For Command Execution
       * Executing Command On Inactive System Image
cp: /opt/drd/wrappers/chrooted: is a directory.  Need "-R" option.
ERROR:   The copy of chrooted to
         failed. The operation cannot continue.
ERROR:   Command executed on inactive system image returned an error
         - One or more precommands for /usr/sbin/update-ux failed.  /usr/sbin/update-ux will not be
         - The precommand "/opt/drd/wrappers/pre_chroot_cp" fails with the return code "1".
       * Executing Command On Inactive System Image failed with 1 error.
       * Cleaning Up After Command Execution On Inactive System Image

=======  12/02/11 11:56:15 EST  END Executing Command On Inactive System Image failed with 1 error.
         (user=root)  (jobid=trenton)

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Re: drd update-ux failure

I have removed the directory chrooted, however I hope this fixes a bug in previous version of drd.  Previously drd required this driectory to be created to allow for post commands to be run. 


After removing the directory, I have restarted the drd update-ux and processing the preview now.   I will update with any findings.