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Tim Medford
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I have downloaded the latest HPUX 11iv2 as a couple .dvdimage files from HP.  Is it possible to boot directly from these image files or do they have to be burned to dual-layer DVD?


I have never burned one of these DVDs before, is there any trick to it?  Can I just use regular Roxio or DVD burning software and create it like any other .iso dvd?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: .dvdimage

If your server supports vMedia, you can boot directly from the ISO. Otherwise you can mount the ISO on a 11.31 host and copy it to the ignite server to boot from.


Since these are ISOs, I assume there are a lot of even freeware burning applications to burn the dvd's.

Hope this helps!

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Re: .dvdimage

Just make sure that both the burner hardware and the burning software do support dual-layer DVDs. A dual-layer DVD burn operation needs to switch layers at mid-burn: this can make the burner stop receiving data for a while, as it recalibrates its optics for the other layer. If the burning software is not aware of this requirement, it may time out or be confused by the layer change information reported by the burner.


(Last time I needed a new 11.31 installation media, I tried the download route too. It cost me several failed burns - and wasted dual-layer media - before I found a successful combination. I think it was a Samsung SH-S203B burner and Ahead Nero software on Windows XP, on my home system. My work laptop only managed to produce dual-layer coasters, both with its internal DVD writer and an external LG DVD writer with an USB2 connection.)