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error when recovery...C110

Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Regular Advisor

error when recovery...C110

I have two similar HP 9000 C110 workstation which running HP-UX 10.20.
One of them is running under production and I need to install and configure similar setup for other work station as well.

I took ignite recover tape from production and try to restore it to other workstation. But when proceed it don't allow to continue due to following error

Unable to determine dump size limit for disk
(8/12/12/5.0), release (B.10.20). Internal Ignite-UX error.

Unable to determine swap size limit for disk (),
release (B.10.20).Internal Ignite-UX error.

Any suggestion

Honored Contributor

Re: error when recovery...C110

"Internal Ignite-UX error" sounds like the version of Ignite on the original system may be quite old.

(What does "swlist | grep -i ignite" say?)

If the system disk of the other workstation is bigger than the disk of the original workstation, it might be too big for that version of Ignite to understand.

Since HP-UX 10.20 is way out of support, finding the last version of Ignite that was installable to 10.20 may be difficult.

For your task, you don't need the complete Ignite package: you'll only need the make*_recovery tools for 10.20. As far as I know, the last version of Ignite that included those tools is B.5.4, released in July 2004.

The last full version of Ignite for 10.20 was A.3.7.95, released in 2002.

If you have old HP-UX installation media kits from years 2000-2004, check the versions of Ignite included on them. Even a 11.00 or 11.11 Application CD media will be useful, if it includes the Ignite-UX-10-20 bundle. You'll want mainly the Ignite-UX-10-20.Ignite-UX.RECOVERY fileset within it, and any other filesets it depends on.

Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Regular Advisor

Re: error when recovery...C110

Hi thanks for the suggestions

I have installed same ignite package for both workstation. So version can not be different.
(I don't have access the system to check it now)
In the test workstation HDD have partition in 15 (Original HDD size is 60GB and it partition into 4GB Ones).
I don't know actually why it partitioned like that.

As you said there can be HDD size problem. I will try to restore it to another HDD and let you know the update.