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/etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_profile.ldif reverting back to old LDAP servers

richard hung
Occasional Contributor

/etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_profile.ldif reverting back to old LDAP servers

I moved our LDAP master servers recently and used the following steps to point our HP hosts to the new LDAP servers:

(1) modified LDAP_HOSTPORT in /etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_client.conf to the new server's port 389.
(2) modified defaultserverlist in /etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_profile.ldif to the new servers.
(3) Ran /opt/ldapux/config/create_profile_cache.
(4) /opt/ldapux/config/display_profile_cache confirmed that it's pointing to the new hosts.
(5) Stop/Start pwgr and ldapclientd.rc in /sbin/init.d.

And yet the /etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_profile.ldif has reverted back to the old servers. It seems that some process push out this file around 02:10 and 14:10 daily. I checked root's crontab and nothing is scheduled at these time.

Is there another file that I missed to modify that is still pointing to the old LDAP hosts?

Thanks for you help.
ChuangChu Lee
Occasional Visitor

Re: /etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_profile.ldif reverting back to old LDAP servers

I think the old profile has been download from
the your new LDAP server because the profileTTL attribute has been set to 12 hours
in /etc/opt/ldapux/ldapux_profile.ldif. You also need to remove profileTTL attribute,then run /opt/ldapux/config/create_profile_cache
before you start ldapclientd again.