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/etc/shadow File Fields ??

Super Advisor

/etc/shadow File Fields ??

We are running Red Hat Linux 5.5 and I've noticed some differences in the /etc/shadow file on some of our servers...

On some of the entries, fields 5, 6, and 7 are coded as I would expect, as this is what is in /etc/login.defs...

But on some users, there is nothing coded in these fields, as in following...

If these fields are not defined, what do they default to ??

Any ideas as to what might cause them to not get populated properly ??
Jared Middleton
Frequent Advisor

Re: /etc/shadow File Fields ??

I would guess that user2 was added via a different method than user1... something which didn't automatically add the password aging info. When the aging fields are blank, I believe the password simply won't expire.

See "man chage" for how to populate the missing values.