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Carl Munnelly
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What's /etc/skel/.profile and how does it interact with /etc/profile and .profile.

My reason for asking is I am trying to find out how my server is inheriting a umask of 027 when /etc/profile has a setting of 007 and .profile has no umask setting.

It could be a custom script setting the umask but I want to rule out /etc/skel/.profile.

Points will be assigned to all appropiate responses.

Thanks in advance
Shailendran V Naidu
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Re: /etc/skel/.profile

Hi Carl,
When you create a new user the contents of the /etc/skel directoy will be copied to the home directory of the user.

Before a user logs into the shell, the /etc/profile is executed by default.

On successful login, the .profile (which is present in the user's home directory) will be executed.

The umask can be set in the /etc/profile or ~/.profile

Also the umask can be set on a terminal or an application ( like some 3rd party terminal emulators) that is used to open the shell to login.

These are some possibilites. You may want to check those.
Suraj K Sankari
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Re: /etc/skel/.profile

>>What's /etc/skel/.profile and how does it interact with /etc/profile and .profile.

When you create a new user at that time these #4 no of files (.profile, .cshrc, .kshrc, .login) are copied from /etc/skel to the new users home directiory.

/etc/profile :- this file is execute for every user who is login to the server.

If you want to set umask then open your .profile and at the last line put the entry "umask 027"

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Re: /etc/skel/.profile

Hello Carl,

Check if you've got any shell script/Program in $HOME/.profile which may be overwriting umask.

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Re: /etc/skel/.profile


Check below link as follows,

Carl Munnelly
Frequent Advisor

Re: /etc/skel/.profile

Thanks for your responses. Looks like I can ignore the file. I've also found the custom script overriding the profile files.